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Originally Posted by kurt View Post
Water is the best conduit for electricity.Now you dealing with the new “instant hot”the electric on demand.Apartment,hotels,trailers,not,maybe,here anything on jacks are considered a home,no wheels,travel trailers?Hookups?Propane tanks will be ....
I'm sorry sir but that simply isn't completely true.
It is the dissolved ions in water that are conductive.
Here is a link.

As for why the breaker didn't trip it was more or less a load and was using electricity when the heater wasn't on.

There can be many shorts in homes that are using electricity but not tripping the breaker.
Some cause fires.
An example is lamp cords and appliances.
Poor connections in boxes can cause over heating.
Breakers were designed to protect houses from the main wiring and over loads not the cheap stuff people buy.
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