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I have done this before and did it again.
No pictures you will just have to take my word for it.
I filled a whisky glass with RO water it was 400K ohms,=400,000.
I dumped a bunch of salt in it and it went down to 33K ohms = 33,000.
A direct short will read around 1 or 2 ohms depending on how long the wire is.
The cup of water is a resistor depending on how much voltage you put into the water and the resistance of the water will tell you what the voltage drop is.
It doesn't take squat to kill someone.
The other phenomenon is electricity will follow the path of least resistance.
Dry feet on dry shoes and dont touch nothing but the water and you more than likely wont get shocked.
Wet feet on wet concrete and you will get the hell knocked out of you.

The electricity flowed through the heating coils and might ignore the water.
When the path of least resistance ended in the heating coils then it flowed through the water in a resistance that didn't trip the breaker it was simply a load like any other device in the house.

You want to see something crazy use CFL lamps on a lit wall switch.
Ever so often the CFL will charge up and flash when they are off.
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