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Default Insulating containers

I live in the VERY hot desert of Las Vegas. I grow in containers which is very difficult here, but my physical limitations force me to do so as I have everything raised as I could not get down to the level of a raised bed.

I have an automatic sprinkler system with emitters in each pot, so that's not a problem. But once the temperatures start climbing into the 100's in June-August, the sun bakes the planters, and I think nearly boils the water in my Earthboxes. I have wrapped the other 15 gal round landscape containers, which I also use , with this stuff, which I think helps.


However, it is my understanding that to truly insulate something you should have an air space between the object and the insulation to be most effective.

I've been Goggling for ideas on the internet. One article suggested packing a thick wall of dried leaves around the container using either a pot inside a larger pot or possibly a bag (not sure how you would handle drainage using a bag).

If you used a pot inside a pot, then for proper drainage I think you might need to cut the bottoms of the larger pots off. (I'd hate to do that, but would if it worked)

My plants are in the ideal area (East) getting only sun to about 1 PM. I also mulch the top with about 4" of mulch once the temperatures start to rise. I will also be adding some shade cloth next year come June. But I want to do all I can to cool planters down as well. Luckily, these plants are hidden on the side of the house that no one sees, so aesthetics are not paramount.

Any engineers out there to suggest the best way of insulating the pots and Earthboxes? (Besides moving )
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