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Originally Posted by zipcode View Post
Styrofoam, like the one in packaging, is used around here to insulate buildings, so I assume it should help in your case too (wrapped after in the reflective thing). I think the problem is how well can you add it all around. If one side (up) remains without, I think the effect will not be that great.
Shade cloth will help more than you think.
Zipcode: What do you mean "If one side (up) remains without, I think the effect will not be that great>" Are you referring to the top of the container? If you are, I considered that too. If you have an ice chest and leave the top off everything is going to melt much faster from the exposed warm air getting in.

There still is no air space between your pot from either the Reflectix or insulated styrofoam and that would be optimal if I could figure how to do it.

Originally Posted by amideutch View Post
Here is a link from a past thread with pictures of different containers I have used. you can see plastic containers I used on the fence line and some dark blue ones I wrapped styrofoam around so they would not heat up. Also in the modified green house which I'm growing my tomato plants in Styrofoam ice chests. They keep the root zone temperature stable and will last about 2-3 seasons and are inexpensive. I used an apple corer to make drain holes, one at each end 2 inches up from the bottom of the cooler leaving a small reservoir so the aggregate won't dry out like a SWC.

Amideutch: I have often considered the styrofoam containers. Every time I pass them by, I notice them, but think they look too small. I would gladly buy some larger ones if I could find some. Could you tell a difference when you wrapped the styrofoam around your pots? Had you had them exposed without it before?

Also, for the Earthboxes, I have considered buying 4 x 8 2" slabs of insulated styrofoam from Home Depot, and cutting 4 sides to fit around boxes. It would be expensive, and time consuming for ten boxes.

I also don't think that plastic cap used on Earthboxes works that effectively here. I was considering buying some type of flexible material like 4" vertical blind and wrapping it around inside the box to give me more height and then put 4" of mulch on top instead of the cap. (and extend the water fill tube.)

Actually thinking about it, I might be able to use the Reflectix and cut it in half to 8" to stick in there to give it more height for the mulch.

Maybe I could buy a commercial ice maker to install next to my garden, and every day fill up my Earthbox reservoirs with ice cubes!
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