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Originally Posted by dmforcier View Post
Is that typical? Low 80s is not a bad temp. Where you will see root damage is up against the pot wall with the sun shining on it. Can you get a reading there?

It was a joke, son.
Well, I just got the soil thermometer this week and took the temperatures two days ago about 10 AM.' However, the temperatures dropped this week to about 101-102 in the afternoon, and the nineties when I took the temperature.. So it's cooler now. Down from 108-113. I didn't place it right next to the pot, but I see your point, so I will do that.

The other thing was the water timer had just come on about ten minutes before I did it, so that would have cooled down the top watered pot soil.

I assumed you were joking the first time you mentioned the mini AC's. But when you said it again, gulable me questioned myself.. Cute.
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