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Originally Posted by Barb_FL View Post
They are all beautiful;

Joseph - what is your mult-flora? That is some dense set of flowers.

DanishGardener - they look really good. Where there is ripe fruit, did you pick a lot already of is that about the % you get. Are they ping-pong ball size?
Zipcode - how did it taste?

Question - Approximately what % of flowers are you finding actually sets fruit? When I grew Ildi it was extremely high; too bad I didn't think it tasted great. When I grew Goldkrone which is not a multi-flora but IMO pretty close, it was extremely hgh just like a regular cherry tomato.
It tasted very good. Everybody loved them. But they were just too small, which made them a lot of work. Sort of a transparent dark yellow, pointy, looking a lot like Ildi (a lot). Not sure how big those are but these were 2 maybe 3 grams. It did made like 6-700 of them.
Most commercial cherries are multiflora but a different gene, and less multiflora then ildi/riesentraube types. The main difference is the ordered look of the cluster, basically a fishbone structure that splits and splits and they all set if nutrition is good (the hybrids). The classic multiflora gene has thousands of flowers which never happens with the fishbone style, and they seem to split after each flower making a sort of unordered cluster which often has quite a lot of leaves through it. Only a small part sets which is a waste of energy but are still rather productive overall.

Here is a pic of an ordered multiflora. There's more than 100 fruit on that cluster and most flowers set.
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