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I'll be there! I guess I thought you just KNEW that

If I get a bit of luck going...I am hoping to have lots of ripe tomatoes and I'll have sweet corn so the big question you want me to pre cook it or does someone want to grill it? Either way is fine with me, so if we have a super griller out there who wants to stand over the grill I'll just put it in a cooler of ice. Let me know.

I have 3 or 4 people from my area who are planning to come, too. With tomatoes.

FYI, I have a ginormous Burrackers Fav. starting to ripen that I know will win the biggest tomato contest so the rest of you might as well give up the ghost on that category.

Also have a darn ugly Costoluto Genovese sitting out there green as a gourd.
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