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We are like the "Salsa Verde" supplier for half the county it seems like. I even send three of those large flat-rate Priority boxes filled with whole tomatillos to my Mother-In-Law in Oregon. I grow mine in their own "special" area because of how they re-seed and try to maul all of the other plants. They really love the spot...I have had some that got nearly 10 feet tall. As an aside...I always leave a few on the ground for the Chiipmunks...they just love them! Mine are growing in a pile of basically nothing but 10 year old horse manure. I run the tomatillos through my tomato mill and everyone comes and gets a 5 gallon bucket of sauce ready to make into Salsa Verde and can (I am not nice enough to do all that for them....) In my area in Mexico, they grow all over the place. The Mexicans use them in many more ways than we do. They even ferment them and make a liquor sauce. I have not gotten the recipe for that yet although I did taste some and WOO was potent!
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