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This is a great pole bean variety. It is sourced to an old Italian/American gentleman name DiBramo. I'm not sure I got that spelling correct. His godson went to visit him on his deathbed. Mr DiBramo said come here, and handed his godson a handful of bean seeds. His godson, in his mid 70s, lives in Wolcott, Connecticut and grows these beans.

I've grown them for a few years. Fusionpower helped revive them when I had trouble germinating some older seed that I had, and sent some to Glen at Sand Hill.

These beans are vigorous meaty and full flavored. Pulling a bag out of the freezer in the middle of the winter brings back the flavors of summer, and they will definitely provide a surplus harvest to freeze. The mature seeds are black and if left to mature the flattened pods take on a mottled pink color, but they are best harvested as you would romano beans in the green bean stage.
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