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I was just gearing up to start my indoor lettuce/ scallion/dwarf pea routine in Earthbox JR. I've been doing it winter growing for two years now. I may break out the expensive LED's I bought which are now one quarter the price and add parthenocarpic cukes to the party.

Celery is the earliest seed I start (I gave up on artichokes) , but in the past I've ultimately neglected the transplants which resulted in a stringy stalk. Were any northern gardeners successful in getting a head that was thick and juicy enough to eat raw? I've heard of people growing regular celery for market but I don't know if they're greenhouse or hoop growers. They don't sell celery transplants here for a reason.

- Lisa

Hmm went up a few posts, maybe durgan tell describe how he gets those beautiful stalks

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