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Originally Posted by Durgan View Post
"yeah i'm sure that is one reason and no one want to step in dog crap or have dogs running loose and jumping on and knocking people down or leashed dogs lunging at each other,"

Certainly not my experience with dogs at appropriate public functions. Most people clean up after their dogs even in Brantford to some degree.

In my experience a far larger concern is the faeces from the Canada Goose. Example. In Elliott Lake Parks which is laced with "no dogs allowed" signs the ground is so saturated with Canada Goose faeces that it is almost impossible to get to the playground.

Often people take their dogs on holiday and leaving them at home is not an option.

At Fort Steele in Alberta, a beautiful site, there are even signs "Dogs welcome". May there be more in other places.
We like to take our well-behaved dogs with us, and we pick up after them. We patronize dog-friendly tourist destinations when we travel and we visit restaurants with dog-friendly patios. We are currently fighting to save our beautiful 8 acre off-leash dog park from planners who want to change it.

From what I have read, Alberta is a very dog-friendly province with many huge off-leash dog parks. Good for them!

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