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Originally Posted by PhilaGardener View Post
Plant breeding is a way to contribute to the better side of humanity, and it can make you feel good. Really hard to make money at it, however. Perhaps the best reward would be seeing your lines adopted widely and appreciated by others.

Check out for a community effort that has been joined by many of the best plant breeders on this board.
In this particular post, I'm seeking avenues leading to compensation of effort. I see where it's being done, so I hope to find that avenue. I'm patient as things are still being worked, so I'm networking. This post is part of it. I have found that successful folks are hard to get information from unless that information is part of their wealth-building plans; i.e., books, sites, etc. "Trade secrets", protecting investments, and all. Nothing wrong with capitalism! I'm feeling that I won't get traction until I can present product and that's fine, but it's worth trying to get some knowledge ahead of time.

In my research of the site osseeds, many of the community seem to be seed-selling breeders and have obviously reached the point I'm trying to get to. I know that one's ability to contribute to any cause is based on their financial status. Maybe one day I'll be at a level where I can make a bigger impact in causes that I care for, but I'm at a lower level at the moment and my giving plan is based on what I can do.

Thank you for the link.
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