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Originally Posted by Cole_Robbie View Post
This upcoming spring will be my 7th year selling plants at market. I find that the more years go by, the later I start everything. My cousin just built his first high tunnel and is new to growing. He started his seeds two weeks ago.

Sunshine to heat up the greenhouse during the day is an important factor, and I often don't get good sun until late Feb or early March. My 'dead of winter' weather is often cloudy.
I am NOT commercial ...Just a crazy hobbyist ....but

It is so tempting to get going and start ...and green up early.

BUT costs money for the heat you could have a partitioned part of green house (only heat a part ) and move and expand as the season is safer . and 10 days is 10 days for start up. The early start with not the safe cover or heat ...risks your whole venture for the season . Extra heat costs is also part of your bottom line be balanced with the earlier start ...etc. for me the later start is the cost effective balance . I guess everybody must do their own circumstance assessment. It sure is a little dance to get the earliest start versus . protect against the cold etc.

I guess if we all lived in Florida this would not be such a worry .
So Many Tomatoes ...So Little Time !
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