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Originally Posted by Whwoz View Post
I have recently become aware of a chance cross between Costoluto Genovese and Jaune Flamme. Having seen a photo of the F1's I wont dispute the parentage of the fruit as there are so few tomatos of JF's colour available down under and the fruit looked just like CG. Any thoughts on how the F2's will segregate out? Will the JF colour remain dominate over CG? what sort of size spread would we be expecting here and any idea how many plants would need to be grown out to find one or two with the size of CG give that small size is often dominate over large? Do not have seed but working on getting some. Thanks for any thoughts.
Just note that a cross with JF will give you a high Beta carotene with some lycopene as (I think the ratio is around 60% beta carotene and 40% lycopene) as JF does not have the modifier gene that brings the beta up to around 90%, so a JF cross will always be at most orange with a red blush.

Also remember that determinate/indeterminate is closely linked to the Beta gene on the same chromosome, so it will be difficult to get segregations of plant growth pattern and beta carotene genes.

As for size I think you might want to consider getting the cross somewhat stabilized (F3 OR f4) and then backcross it to the original parent for size.
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