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In 2003, I attended an Heirloom Tomato gathering and they served a luncheon afterward. The desert was something they called Tomato Sorbet. I'm no expert, but as it includes dairy it should probably have been called Tomato Ice Cream. At any rate, it was really really good. I asked for the recipe and a few weeks later, the chef, whose name I can't remember, had it emailed to me. Here it is:

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From a Chef working for one of the restaurants in the Myriad Restaurant Group, New York NY (it's all I can remember)

Framage Blanc Tomato Sorbet

Tomato Syrup:

100 g Tomato Juice
100 g sugar

Bring ingredients to boil allowing sugar to dissolve.

270 g Fromage Blanc
100 g Heavy Cream
200 g Tomato Syrup

Blend ingredients in ice cream machine according to manufacturer's instructions for sorbet.
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