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Thanks so much, Remy, for hosting such a fun and well organized event (and for letting us Jersey folks crash the party)! The prizes were really nice and thoughtful, and we'll be putting the Wegmans bag to use. Zana, thank you very much for the generous sharing of seeds from your collection. Let us know if you, or anyone else, would like seeds from the Cervena Chuska Bulgarian pepper or NoviHan Pink tomato. Unfortunately, we don't have a picture of the NoviHan (as Mark requested) and that one was the last of our harvest - we will have to do a better job of documenting things next year. Marcia, it was nice speaking with you about the fun of growing for restaurants, and we appreciated your sharing ideas from your experience with chefs. Mark, Galina liked your Nipple tomatoes and plans to plant seeds next year, hoping that they ripen as whole trusses at once for easy harvest. Again, thanks to all for letting us in on such a nice occasion!
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Jim and Galina
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