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Originally Posted by rhines81 View Post
I am limited to bell peppers and jalapenos at my grocery. Banana peppers are only sold jarred. On rare occasion, I see poblanos. Even the powdered pepper selection is limited. The nearest Mexican grocery that offers fresh produce is an hour away. A good price for bells (green) is $0.85 each and Jalapenos can be had for around $0.35 each. If I were picky and insisted on organic labeled, the price doubles. Anyhow, even if they were $0.10 each, I would still grow my own - to me it is the satisfaction of eating something from the 'fruits' of my labor.
If I were to value my time versus the price of the product I raised - I'd be a Maine lobster farmer!
Check out the spice stores on Amazon. I’ve bought pounds of smoked jalapeños,smoked paprika and other dried pepper s for very cheap. Hot ground stays fresh much longer. I always grind my spices and peppers in a coffee grinder fresh.
Sumac is another spice that I always use for Mexican food and chili. It adds a nice tang and just gives it another dimension.
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