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Originally Posted by Labradors2 View Post
I had a sneaky feeling, from what I read, that Enjoya was from tissue culture rather than being an F1. I don't see why it couldn't be done from a piece of stem.

What did you grow from T.C. Scooty? Decades ago, the first re-blooming daylily called Stella d'Oro hit the news and I was beyond thrilled to discover that somebody near me used tissue culture to propagate them. I bought some plants from him, and those darned plants took forever to get to any size .

Apple rootstocks

I've seen good and bad TC'ed plants/trees. Often the growth media and process has a huge effect on how fast they get to size. I know avid orchid growers seem to be all into TC these days. As a thought experiment though, I thought it would be interesting to try to see if you could grow a true to type Enjoya pepper plant. Half the nursery these days seem to be growing from TC too. Especially for rarer fare like Honeyberries.

There has to be someone at TMV that regularly performs tissue cultures....

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