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Default Heritage Seed Market

Just wanted to let you all know how terrific Ellie and Steve from Heritage Seed Market are. I placed a small order of about $18.70 (which included a reasonable shipping cost) with them, and Ellie e-mailed me to let me know that my order was shipped out that morning. However two weeks past and I never received it, so I e-mailed her. We both knew something happened to the order.

So she put together another package and sent it out to me Priority Mail, which cost $7.35 to send. I got the package in a few days. She had included several nice gift packages as well. The following day when I went to my mail box, there was the original envelope looking tattered and dirty from being who knows where.

I emailed Ellie to let her know that now I have two packages, and that I just as soon keep both, and wanted to send her the money for the second order and reimburse her the $7.35 shipping cost for the Priority Mail. She wrote me back today, and said she talked with Steve and he said just to keep them and share some with friends.

I did reimburse them the Priority shipping charges though.

Now that is what I call great service and caring people who want to please.
So if any of you haven't tried them yet, I urge you to do so.
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