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Originally Posted by kurt View Post
Better than expected.They had Sungolds,Brandywines,P Robesons,Green Zebras,Carolina Yellow? Cherokkee Purples,Green Grapes.All the herbs in plant/pots to go.10/15 varietys of mater seedlings.Greens (lettuces etc)up the ying yang.Eggplants,squash etc.Noticed large trucks on the way hauling green maters.Saw fields of 1ft seedlings in ground for second crop.All in all nice time.Did not do the farm tour though,did not want to get jealous.Stopped over at Burrs Strawberry(Hamlin Mill RD) farm got some massive half fist sized berries.They grow thier berries off the ground in these stacked (5 pots on top of each other and hydro fed)system that is really neat.They have a self(U) pick now.Will visit again.
Did you get a cinammon bun at Burr's? Yumm!!!!
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