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Default 2020 Top Performers

I didnt see the usual "year in review" thread where folks listed their best performers from last year, so I started this thread.

For me the standouts were as follows:

Brandywine Sudduth - grow if every year, but the production this year was amazingly good.

Not Lucky Cross - I planted 6 or 8 Lucky Cross seeds and one of the seedlings came out as regular leaf. I grew it out anyway and it was a largish pink which was very productive and great tflavor. I saved seed, so well see what happens this year.

Red Barn - very productive

Lillian's Yellow Heirloom - more productive than typical for me, flavor was great, as usual.

Romovaya Baba - New to me, green when ripe; very productive and great flavor. Will grow again this year.
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