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Originally Posted by zipcode View Post
Well, for 2020 the best producer has been Em Champion. At somewhere above 12 kg (27lb) in a 6 gal pot, which is quite a bit more than previous years for any variety. Shame that it was the worst tasting of the year, it's not coming back. I kept hoping that the second wave in the autumn would taste better, but nope.
I read that EM Champion is a very tasty tomato. Isn't the deteriorating taste at the expense of the high harvest? I have experienced that when a plant grows a lot, it has enough nutrients, water and sun, so it affects my taste. It is generally said that the best-tasting tomatoes are from growing in dry conditions (for example, Stekovics, which you certainly know). I will grow EM Champion in the cold bed this year - I already have seedlings with eight real leaves.
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