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of the standard varieties,

pervaya lyubov was tasty and productive.

same for blackfoot, new to me

relikvia iz ussurikia ??? was productive, and good tasting. this one was from
shawns last offer of carolyns seeds. spread sheet said old red russian heirloom.
mine were golden orange in color. no one has been able to confirm color type.

jds special c-tex gave me a lot of large good tasting chocolate tomatoes.
i have grown this one before. don't remember them being so big.

anna russian cherry cross grow out
most plants were very productive. flavor varied.

lempi line was rampant cherry tomato growth. 5 plants gave 5 different shapes
of tomatoes, some pink, some red. 4 were good enough to go to f5, but need to wait
a bit.

aili line were saladette size heart shaped red tomatoes. two plants had decent flavor,
two had little flavor. very productive, but was hoping for better flavor.

mama helen line
three plants, one large saladette, two different sized plum shape tomatoes.
all were productive and good tasting pink tomatoes. the large saladette, and
the smaller plum will be growing in this years garden at f5.

don't abort. we'll adopt.
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