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Originally Posted by DjonesNC View Post
Other than a mosaic virus, I would honestly just keep an eye on the plant & possibly hit it with some neem oil. The plant seems to be fruiting and other than the leaf spots it looks relatively healthy imo.
Thanks. I really considered this route. I was thinking that it looked like the plant could still produce well, as whatever it is hasn't been taking down the leaves at all or affecting flowers, just discoloring leaves and changing their texture slightly.

But just in case it is a virus, I was too afraid for my other plants, which might not have the same ability to soldier on despite infection. Especially if it's CMV, then so many different plants in my garden would be susceptible, and the consequences for those species might be much more serious. So in the end, I pulled it.

It's one of the disadvantages of growing lesser known species. There are no diagnostic pictures for diseases or pests of Melothria scabra online.
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