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Originally Posted by MissS View Post
It is possible to feed tomatoes too much nitrogen. The leaves do get thick and will display an almost blue color. Blossoms will form, yet they will fall off of the plant and not produce fruit. These new plants look nice. It is hard for me to judge their color without something such as your grass in the background. Are your plants greener and bluer than the grass? If so, nitrogen leaches out easily. I would just leave them alone, water normally and begin feeding them in two weeks or so.

If you are worried that your other plants are too pale, then it is time to switch them to a full dose rather than your 1/2 dose of your MiracleGro which is very high in nitrogen. Again I would also add 1/4 teaspoon per gallon of Epsom Salts to the mix. This will give them the additional magnesium that they need.

Now on to something else. I would remove the bottom leaves on the plants in your first two photos. They are showing signs of something starting. I would also spray these plants well with your copper spray in case this is the beginning of molds.

Go right ahead and slice those roots. It will not harm your plants and will help them to spread their roots out. It sounds as if these are root-bound. Teasing or cutting the roots apart works nicely on this.

I think that all of your plants are looking pretty good. There may be a few stragglers, but it seems that they all are perking up nicely. You might want to show us a side by side shot of one of your new plants, one of your old outdoors in the grass.
Hi...Well its encouraging ....Its not so much the colour but I am not used to Tomato Plants feeling in the leaves like these do....I am now on the last one going round them and it seems to me the earth has broken up when I put them in the drum so I tried to break them up more using my hands round the outside of the rootball and its no where near as bad as I thought it would be ..I put new earth on them and watered pretty heavily and I rewicked them ...a couple with two strands each side and the rest a single strand .each side ...I have realised the two bottle transfer is not an ideal test in fact I think checking the water level in the reservoir every day is the only way....and this will take a week to do..
Regarding showing them outside in the grass ..I can turn them but I certainly cannot lift them and the grass is all browned off anyway ....Patti you have told me what to do although I have been basicly using a full dose of MGro ..a Teaspoon per litre lately so I am not sure that MGro will do it...
My own plants require something special and i do not know what that is ....They look healthy but still rather spindly ...I was hoping one of the CX Hydroponics stuff could boost them but I do not want to use any of it without advice although the two plants I have tried it on have taken no harm from it ...theres a Bio Balancer with a 1.0.0 ? which i presume is Nitrogen
Just as an idea I wonder what would happen If I went and bought some Tomato Mix that the grower used on his and spread it round the top of each plant ...They say they used no fertilizers only their Tomato Mix so how come the plants are so green.... and could it affect mine or is it maybe too late...

I better get this away as a program called Reimage is on my computer ..its supposed to protect one from virus's yet its one itself ...and I cannot get rid of it.. Regards Ron
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