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Originally Posted by Cole_Robbie View Post
In post 138 above, I can see a few teeny-tiny leaf lesions in the second pic from the top, and the very beginning of a magnesium deficiency. But that plant still looks good overall, and I can't see anything at all wrong with the others.
Hi...Yes and I see that some of the plants have had a number of branches clipped off ...I will be biking out there soon and I intend bringing back some of their Tomato mix if its confirmed that it is the soil they used cause i have a few Seedlings still to plant and I would like to see how they go with it and also like to top a few of my earlier plants with it and see if the plant changes.....these plants to me along with the colour are very "gnarly" if thats the word to use and of course its only natural for me to compere them with the Mature Plants I bought back in January(last season) that gave me such great fruit..
The Black Krim in particular I have concerns about ...The growth pattern to me just does not look right...I hope i am wrong...
This morning I have been able to fill all the 10 litre Water containers that I have bought in the past from the drums I have under water runoffs from the house and greenhouse so I might be able to afford a decent Xmas dinner ??

I might have to make a special barrow (from a normal one) to move my drums around safely .....and of course its nearly time for staking and getting my greenhouse electroluxed and spider webs removed...

I had two ripe Tasty toms and ate both of them ...I just love the taste and wonder why I keep growing other varieties .... Regards Ron..
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