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Quote....Well, for one thing, the amount of water that the plants will transpire is variable, as is the evaporation rate (with temperature), so I don't see how any straight top-wicking system can ever be satisfactory. You seem to be gauging performance by the rate of decline of the reservoir, rather than to the amount of moisture in the soil, which is a function of both the usage of the plant and the rate of wicking. Have you considered that the plant needs more water in X time that the reservoir can hold?

Remember, I have several times recommended top-watering at need. Make it easy for yourself - get a hose and a watering wand.Quote...

Hi Yes..I know its not very scientific but already I have results ..I can see what is happening....Anyway here is the test of the material after 4 days Plus I have just bought a new Ball of it (photoed)....and this is with double ties....So I know the material transfers water..When this is applied to my drums a whole new scenario happens cause its shifting the water at a far greater rate in fact I believe I only need one wick unless I cut the tie through the middle .....I presume the soil is drawing the water from the wick...anyway all I want is my tomatoes to get a small consistant moisture fed to there soil...I will still be giving them the 7-10 day water but no hose .....and a wishing wand... Cheers Ron..
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