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Originally Posted by luigiwu View Post
Its only going to get hotter and hotter in NY... I'm planting malabar spinach and amaranth as those are two 'greens' that appear to do well in heat. Looking for recommendations of others.... I'm going to buy some cat grass seeds from Baker Creek and want to piggyback on the shipping if there are other goodies to be had...
If you like mustard or collard greens, Baker has a few that have done exceptional in my CA heat.

Southern Giant Curled Mustard Greens

Georgia Southern Collard Greens (didn't see this one listed anymore, I may still have some seeds, I'd have to check.)

Green Wave Mustard Greens (first time growing this one.)

The first two I have grown the past 3 years now, and they always do well. Fast growing once established and didn't bolt once one me. I cooked with them primarily, not typically a green you eat raw.

Good luck.
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