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Being from Maine the Kennebec is of interest. Re the Red Norland, I read several positive reviews making it one of the best. Like the 5 most planted variety commercially. ( NOt sure that translate in to a great variety for home use .)

I will keep these 2 on a list of likely to work.

And I like the blues too. Last year just bought spuds from the store, stored all winter , then planted. They broke dormancy rather quickly. To slow them down I packed them more carefully in shavings and sealed the paper box to eliminate all sunlight. Basement is cold 45-50 but it starts to warm with the better weather---I suspect they are more knowlegeable than I and keep to their personal schedule.

Would like to know about:

All blue
Adirondack blue
Adironcack red
peruvian purple
molly magic
french fingerling
papa cacho
red thumb
bora valley
mtn rose
purple magesty
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