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I'm moving them for $3 for a pound clamshell. The stand i supply is retailing for 4.99.
I put down slug bait this afternoon.
If that works, we should be getting around 16 lbs every other day. That's how offen we pick.
Been a great crop otherwise. Probably won't do again next year because it's too much work and perishability for the return.
If we could retail direct and do a half acre with employed help, it'd be a go again.
Always good to learn new stuff and I don't regret it even though cutting runners is getting old. Might be able to use this in the near future.
I am working on a location opportunity to set up my own stand next year that kind of fell in my lap. Unbelievable location with 2 acres to grow on. Unlimited traffic flow in a 25 mph zone in a busy beach suburb that is 2 miles from the main highway. It's the only piece of ground in a decent radius that hasn't been developed and is still zoned agricultural. The owner doesn't even want rent. She just needs someone to maintain the property. No problem lol. I'm kind of in shock right now.

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