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You have to convert them before uploading them to Youtube? How unfortunate.
I almost bought the flip when shopping for a video camera, what I chose was the Kodak ZI8, it's a very handy camera, it comes with Arcsoft for uploading & editing. All one needs to do is import the video & upload directly to Youtube, no conversion needed. It also has some handy features like close-up mode, external mic jack (very cool with wireless mic & receiver), it accepts up to 16 gigabyte sd cards too, which means you can pop in a fresh one & keep recording without having to upload from an onboard disk to make more room.
You can get extra batteries cheap on Amazon, too ( like $3.00 each instead of the $24+ for the name brand ones. What's really cool additionally is the newest iteration, the playsport is completely waterproof up to 10 feet deep; only thing it doesn't have is the external mic jack & the closeup mode. Oh ya, they both can record in 720p, 720p/60fps, & 1080p.
I would recommend either of these cameras if you're looking for a nice, handy, versatile feature set in a digital camera.
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