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Update on my sprout pulling:

Those tubers I'd already pulled from resprouted. They sent out nice, thickly-stemmed & leaved shoots this time. So I pulled them and they did have plenty of hair roots. Gobs of root mass. I've potted them into 4" pots and have them outside to gain some size before planting out.

I stuck these new sprouts in the same pots I'd put the old, mostly leafless sprouts in. As I emptied out the dirt, I was able to inspect the prematurely-pulled sprouts. The smaller ones were, as predicted, doing nothings. However, some of the larger ones were trying to push leaves up. I don't expect much from them but I did take the hardiest-looking of the bunch and put them into one pot, just to observe.

Experimenting is cool, sometimes even in spite of screwing up.
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