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Originally Posted by crmauch View Post
You all may know this, but when segregating, do it by plant, not by 'fruit'. What I mean is if a cherry tomato normally has 2 locules, but occasionally 3, selecting the fruit that has 3 locules, will not give you different genetics than the fruit that has 2. If you have multiple plants, and one consistently has more locules than another, then you can seed from that plant and hold it separate from the 2 locule plants.

You probably all knew this, but I thought it was worth pointing out.
That is the understanding I have - but not the answer I wanted to hear. I understand what you are saying about fruit from different F1 plants vs fruit from the same plant. I was specifically asking about fruit from the same plant.

However, when you have some fruit from the same plant that have 5 locules ( and 3 & 4 also) and others that have only two - and supposedly larger fruited plants have more locules - It really feels like there ought to be a difference in potential

I understand the science and the theory - but it still doesn't feel right.

Thanks for the response.
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