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Default Rebelski vs Marbonne

Originally Posted by Fred Hempel View Post
Rebelski is growing great for us too.

I am a bit surprised that you have found it better tasting than Marbonne. Then again, we did not find Marbonne to be a real alternative to similar heirlooms, because it didn't have as good flavor, and it wasn't particularly more productive either.
Apologies for the late response. The initial Marbonne tomatoes weren't as tasty (which is when I wrote that comparison post) as the season progressed, the flavor improved and they were pretty good. Big tomatoes.

Rebelski seemed to like being pampered, Marbonne was a bit heartier (except for a fungal attack early, which was more or less weather induced). Rebelski had a tough time with our late summer-fall heat.

Upon further review and tasting, I think they are more or less equivalent on the flavor front. I'd grow both of them again, as their productivity is strong.

I'll continue to grow "expensive" hybrid seed.

So pretty please Fred, make those hybrids you've got up your sleeve available and most of us will scoop them up.
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