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Originally Posted by svalli View Post
zipcode, Does your aunt grow the ones with real scapes and the ones with the bulbils in the neck in same bed mixed with each other? She must have at least two different garlic varieties, if some have scapes and others have bulbils lower at the stem. If she has not separated the varieties at harvest time, you may have gotten a softneck bulb with hard stem in the middle due to the bulbils close to the neck.

I'm growing multiple garlic varieties and keeping the varieties separate at harvest and curing time is a lot of work.

Yes, I'm starting to think that may have been it. I probably had two mixed types, and at planting I selected the one that seemed more healthy, so I might have selected the softneck, which probably kept better.

shule1, if it was store bought garlic, it probably didn't sprout because it was treated. It happened to me with shallots. I planted normal grocery shallots, only one sprouted after a loong time, and I multiplied from there next year. It was a great shallot. I think they do this to make it last longer, not to prevent you from growing it, but who knows.

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