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Thanks guys. I had actually planned to grow a few expensive hybrids and Taxi, but those plants got sick from the cold in the greenhouse. Except for Titan Red, these are all substitutions. If I only cared about making money, I would only grow Titan Red and Taxi in the high tunnel, but maybe some of this year's challengers will be even better. I'm eager to see how Sol Gold compares to Taxi. I'm guessing better flavor, but lower yield; we'll see how much lower. Cosmonaut Volkov vs Tarasenko 6 will be an interesting versus challenge as well.

I have to admit, it was fun shopping for plants in my own greenhouse, next door to the high tunnel, with a couple thousand plants and 100+ varieties.

Cosmonaut Volkov should grow a large, indeterminate plant. The fruit looked just like Big Beef; they weren't catfaced or irregular at all.
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