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I also have my soil tested every year and this year my nutrient levels were all above optimum. I do not add fertilizers other than compost or occasionally some sulfur to bring down the pH. Organic material levels are usually around 8%.

Since I get more tomatoes and other vegetables than we can use and everything seems to be healthy I see no reason to add fertilizers. I give away lots of vegetables, especially tomatoes, to the local Independent Living Home during the summer.

I think that some people may think that excess organic material may "tie up nitrogen" while it is decomposing and I used to think that this was an exaggeration until the year that I tilled in 80 bags of chopped leaves in the Fall. The following year my peppers all had yellow leaves and I had to add Nitrogen so now I am a believer.

I also think that the theory that plants "get addicted to synthetic fertilizer" is not a fallacy either. If you feed only synthetics you are feeding the plants and not the soil organisms. Therefore after a period of time you will no longer have a healthy soil with microorganisms that will break down organics and feed the plants. If you do not continue to feed the plants with synthetics, then there will be nothing in the soil for them to eat.

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