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tash11... Definitely going to have get some cumin. We were raised with mom only ever adding salt and maybe a bit of pepper to the food she cooked. Very simple, plain fare. Good, but no real flavor.

I don't think I am to the stage of learning how to smoke peppers yet, but I'll keep that in mind. ...
My mom can't cook, period. At least yours used pepper, mine just burns everything adds too much salt and calls it a day.

Smoking sounds hard, but my husband got an electric smoker for meat. Works great at low temps for peppers. I then finish them off in the dehydrator.

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Neat pic! Thanks for sharing it.

I wonder if I wouldn't be better off trying baggies. The heat and humidity during the day and then change in temps at night, you can hear my mason jar lids popping all over the place. Somebody was kind enough to explain to me it was something to do with air pressure.
Baggies are ok for shorter times. Might want to double bag. I will use bags for smoked peppers sometimes if I am taking them somewhere soon, I can smell the smoke all over my pantry and in the car when I do take them somewhere (and they are inside a cardboard box too). If I used the food saver bags it might be better, but for trade I kinda want people to smell them.

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