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Originally Posted by imp View Post
Do you rinse the veggies before cooking or leave the salt on them?
My sister made this and I just asked her as the recipe itself says nothing about rinsing. She said she probably did not rinse because the recipe did not say to do that.

Originally Posted by imp View Post
Do you add the cooking brine to the jars after packing them with veg to 1/4 headspace?
This recipe doesn't have a lot of brine like you'd have with making dill pickles. The consistency is kind of "saucy". Like other canning recipes you do have to make sure
there are no air pockets in the jar after filling. Sister Pickles said she just ladled the stuff into the jars and then ran a chopstick around the edges to release any air pockets. That's her favorite tool for that job.

Originally Posted by imp View Post
What is the texture and taste after processing?
The taste is just a bit sweet but not a lot because you have the acid of the tomatoes to balance it out. So I'd say it's just a little "sweet & sour". Just enough salt.

The texture is somewhat soft and as I said, one might think there was a bit of cornstarch or similar in there (kind of like corn relish consistency) but it doesn't. It's not "runny".

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