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I've got a gallon each of TTF and vegetable food due to arrive today.
Need some input: I've got 10 ollas buried between several tomato plants. These are simple clay pots I purchased at Home Depot and Lowes. I plugged the bottom holes with hot glue and am using plates from the Dollar Tree to put on top of the pots. The pots hold just under a gallon of water. So far so good. I've refilled about 3-4 times so far, when the level drops from two to five inches. It's a slow transfer from inside the pot to the soil so far, but expect this to amp up quite a bit when summer starts to settle in. Heavy straw mulch on top is keeping the soil cool.
Do y'all reckon TTF would transfer through the ollas with the same potency as through hand watering? I like the idea of a slow absorption of nutrients as the plants receive their moisture, but am wondering if the clay will prevent all of the fertilizer to reach the roots.
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