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Default MAGTAG 2010 - Winners and Notes

Another year, another MAGTAG. It didn't threaten to rain like last year or reach 99 degrees like two years ago, so I am grateful. Here are this year's stats:

Largest Tomato: Cuostralee, grown by John Dickenson - 1 lb. 10.4 oz.

Number of attendees (I added a few folks who didn't sign in, i.e., Brian Flynn and his daughter, and my brother Joe and nephew Andy - just what we need, more Flynns and Straknas): 48

Number of Tomato Varieties entered: 40

Top Twenty:

1. Sungold Volunteers - Suzy Strakna
2. Morx White F2 (aka Groucho Morx) - Greg Flynn
3. Riesentraube - John Dickenson
4. Earl's Faux - Greg Flynn
5. Emily - Greg Flynn
6. Morx Black F2 (aka Chico Morx) - Greg Flynn
7. Norduke - Trudi & Steve Davidoff
8. JD's Special C Tex - Greg Flynn
9. Morx Pink F2 (aka Harpo Morx) - Greg Flynn
10. Morx Green F2 (aka Zeppo Morx) - Greg Flynn
11. Lillian's Yellow - Greg Flynn
12. Yellow Currant F2 - Greg Flynn
13. Omar's Lebanese - John Dickenson
14. Kellogg's Breakfast - Greg Flynn
15. Isabel Pink - Greg Flynn
16. Gold Currant - Anne Bertinuson
17. Cherokee Purple - Greg Flynn
18. Penn Heart - Trudi & Steve Davidoff
19. Cuostralee - John Dickenson
20. Mortgage Lifter - Joe Biedzynski

Also, our book raffle raised $70 for Trudi's non-profit, Trudi did a masterful job of explaining how her group works with people in Africa to help grow food.

My comments: This is the first year in MAGTAG history that a 'mater grown by Greg Flynn has not placed first. Yes, it was an upset victory for Suzy Strakna! Greg won in 2006 with Black Cherry, 2007 with Sungold, 2008 with Black Cherry again, and 2009 with what I assume to be the original Morx.

Although we had more attendees this year than last, we had fewer tomato varieties. This seems to be a trend - looking back, we had 84 varieties in 2006! I know that a few of our former regulars (bluekat and Dunkel, for example) who grew scads of tomatoes, haven't attended recently. I also know that this spring/summer's weather was just awful. I'm a fine one to complain, because the only toms I entered this year were some that a friend gave me. My plants have completely petered out.

But we need to find ways to encourage more people the grow their own plants with MAGTAG in mind. I already serve as plant pusher for Suzy and Janet M; and I give away lots of plants at the GW Spring Swap, but few people (except for the regulars) bring their wares to MAGTAG. Greg F., Jette and Janet M were discussing the prospect of starting a MAGTAG Facebook page - maybe this would help? I'm hampered by a shortage of yard space, although I may grow more in pots next year. And I know that a lot of you have shady yards. But we have to do something to encourage more attendees to bring samples to taste.

Anyway, I had a great time and want to thank everybody who attended and/or helped. Boy, my left arm hurts today - It's been a while since I tossed the ol' pigskin around. I need to brush up on my spiral.
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