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I really liked Norduke this year and Absinth from the previous year, both of which were part of Trudi's posse. Apparently Norduke is from USDA seed collection, meaning that she is breaking out old created varieties that are true heirlooms that the USDA saw fit to save for posterity. Very cool!

Speaking to Hank and others I got the impression that folks didn't want to enter stuff that they felt was bad-tasting. Hank is an entrepreneur who offers several acres of land for tomato picking. He chose a very productive variety called Mountain Fresh so that he could maximize the value of his land while providing a desirable product for the public. He stated this variety doesn’t stand up to the Brandywine, Dr. Wyche or Cherokee Purple he brought and entered, however, Mountain Fresh is an important and relevant variety!

I would encourage everyone to bring all types of tomatoes and enter them so that people can taste and see for themselves. Part of our mission is to inform the public about tomato variety. We are presenting truly good things for people to try who will be impressed and reconsider their ideas about food.

All tomatoes are not red and all food is not meat and potatoes. My kids eat EVERYTHING! This is how it should be. I had a young lady tell me, “I don’t eat vegetables”. Can you imagine? We have a job to do here. Let people know the goodness of what we grow.

Don't be shy :-) Enter them all!


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