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I grow them and have seeds started on the 25th of Feb. that have not yet popped through.I roast them with olive oil and granulated garlic.Makes great sandwiches!My mom was born and raised in Italy and she always made them that way when I was growing up.Fresh Italian bread and those peppers made a great lunch!I have passed that along to my daughters and now they make them for our grandchildren.My Hot Cayenne and Jalapeno have come up in 7 days but still waiting for my Cubanello and Nardello to pop up.All started on the same day.I have them on a heat mat I bought this year.Temp is 80 to 85.They are under my shop lights now with 16 hours of light a day.When the lights are on it's 85 and when off it's around 80.Lights are a few inches above the seedlings.You are going to love those peppers!
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