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Originally Posted by brownrexx View Post
Do potatoes get EB? I have never seen it. They do get Late Blight but I grow earlier varieties and harvest them before late August when LB hits in my area so it's not usually a problem for me. Colorado Potato beetles are my main problem and I hand pick them daily. It doesn't take long and I am in the garden every day anyway so I just squish the larvae or eggs while wearing my garden gloves. This works pretty well but if it gets ahead of me usually one treatment of Spinosad gets them under control for the season.

I have used sulfur on my garden to lower the pH in the past.

I keep my potatoes away from my tomatoes as well.
Thanks for the suggestion of only planting early varieties of potatos to avoid LB. So busy thinking how to extend the growing season that NOT planting a late variety never occured to me.
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