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Default Small, dark woody/corky center in Opalkas?

Can anyone tell me what this is? I've combed through many references (and Google, and this forum) and can't seem to find any description that fits.

I'm in the Pacific Northwest. Very sandy soil with fish compost added + some granular all-purpose veggie food. Drip watering system, twice a day because of the sandy soil.

Plant LOOKS fine. (It's Opalka, for those who -- like me -- don't look back up at the title of the post )

Six ripe fruit so far, 2 with BER, 3 perfect-looking externally but with this dark almost woody bit in the center. (One I haven't cut open yet.) Fruits taste okay after removing this dark part.

Is this the internal form of BER that I've seen mentioned? The almost woody texture of the dark bit doesn't match what I think of as "rot," but that's just about the only described problem that even begins to match this.

Much obliged if someone here can shed some light on this little mystery!
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