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Originally Posted by ARgardener View Post
Okay, per soil test, my vegetable garden needs 1 lb per 1,000 sq ft of Nitrogen ( and 1/2 that for legume crops)

The synthetic fert recommendation is 2 lb urea (or 3 lb of 34-0-0).

I want to use soybean meal and alfalfa meal for my nitrogen requirements... this is feasible right?

According my (unreliable) math, I'd need 21.6 lb of 3 part soy: 1 part alfala.
Or 23.5 lb of 2 part soy: 1 part alfalfa.
Is this right?

Soybean meal: 7-2-1
Alfalfa meal: 2.5-0.5-2

All input greatly appreciated!
Assuming the organics are equally available as the synthetics and your ratios are all by weight.

In your 21.6 lb mixture you have 1.13 lbs alfalfa nitrogen and 0.13 lbs soy nitrogen for a total of 1.26 lbs nitrogen.

In your 23.5 lb mix you have 1.1 lbs alfalfa nitrogen and 0.19 lbs soy nitrogen for a total of 1.29 lbs nitrogen.
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