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Originally Posted by AlittleSalt View Post
I have some Krasnodor Titan seeds. I hope they produce for you. I would like to know more about them. I asked about them and this nice moderator lady up in NY named Carolyn told me they are basically rocks.
I don't think there is anything wrong with them ....but ..

They are noted as Container friendly and Large fruited ..

Folks may be annoyed at me ...but I Just wanted to see

Which of the Large fruited selection did best in 7 gallon containers here etc.

I did not filter much for consideration of Flavor...or if they were "Rocks"

Just ...If I can get Tomatoes, Large Tomatoes, ...Lots of Large Tomatoes,

In this cool container environment ..Trial.

earlier is better ...but I can also wait mid season ...for the better tasting ones ...etc. ( Brandy Fred is looking awesome ...just later ).

lol....I am sure that nice moderator lady in NY is most likely right about the

actual fruit quality ...but amazingly enough .... fruit quality is not the prime

challenge at this stage of exploration Trial here .

Sorry if we offend with this Tomato sacrilege.....

It may be the case ...they end up to be a "10 + gallon container" one

and not as easygoing happy in 7 gallons etc.
So Many Tomatoes ...So Little Time !
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