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Originally Posted by Fred Hempel View Post
Very interesting.

I think the grow bags are a good idea, unless you are moving your greenhouse and rotating soil.

Cherries also seem to often have a bit more open architecture, which helps with greenhouse leaf diseases.

I would guess they are a good choice, if the increased labor of picking doesn't kill you.

Thank you for the input. No, the houses are not moveable. Not easily anyways. I agree with your comment about the open architecture. Never thought about it that way, but your correct.

As far as picking goes, least I can have snacks along the way! My layout allows for 72 plants. But, with doing strictly cherries, I might be able to do less.

From a marketing standpoint, in my opinion, cherries are more valuable. You can sell them by the pound. Sell them premeasured in containers. You can mix varieties and get folks to try other colors. In my experience, at the Farmers Market, folks get stuck on Red Slicer. But when it comes to Cherry Tom's, they seem open minded.
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