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Wi-sunflower.. thank you for your perspective.

I think the obvious is, "what your Market will bear". Being that I am at a new Market, Ill have to keep a close eye out, to see what sells the best.

My previous Market was more rural. Cherries didnt sell the best. I sold them, but it never seemed awe inspiring, to say the least. Those customers wanted home grown ugly maters, but then they wanted to haggle. Some folks thought they should still cost a nickel each. But thats another story.

My new Market is an entirely different customer base. One vendor has been bringing GH tomatoes for a few weeks now. But I dont see them selling to well. Grant it, im usually pretty busy peddling my plants, but I try to observe where I can.

I still want to find a good slicer to grow for our own personal consumption. I might have to try Big Beef again. But that will be next year.
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