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Some observations of mainly new to me tomatoes in 2018. Overall 2018 was a very wet year for me and had heavy foliage disease pressure, especially in August and September, which brought an early end to most tomatoes in the garden. Only 6-7 plants made it to October out of nearly 30.

Brandywine Sudduth-An amazing tasting tomato, tremendously intense sweet, rich tomato and ample tang. Great texture, meaty and juicy. Production wasn't bad either, good second flush of fruit. Middle of the pack WRT foliage issues. I'm growing it again in 2019.

Waltingers Fleisch aus Indien-Vigorous plant with very high production. Very tasty dark tomato, rich and earthy, nice tang with enough sweetness. Good texture--nice and juicy. BUT these things split at the mention of rain, splitting was so bad I would have to pick completely green to avoid having useless fruits. Might do better in a dry year or a controlled soil moisture setup.

Maglia Rosa - Tasty, meaty tomato, yet juicy enough. Very productive and heathy. Sweet, rich tomato, medium tang. This was trialed as an alternative to Blush, but for our palates we lean Blush.

Orange Russian 117-Meaty, yet juicy. Extremely productive. Healthy and VERY vigorous plant. Rich tomato, sweet, enough supporting acid--I was concerned about it being kind of bland or lacking enough acid, but those concerns were unfounded. Beautiful--good texture for pico de gallo. Definitely would grow again at some point.

KARMA pink-Vigorous plant, manageable foliage issues. Medium-high production of golf ball sized pink fruits. Delicious! Sweet and tangy--intensely so. Definitely grow again. Splitting was an issue with wet summer, but picking at blush was usually sufficient.

Dwarf Metallica - Very stout, dark green dense foliage dwarf. Gray mold doesn't bother it much unlike most other dwarfs I grow. Productive and beautiful metallic striped purple and green fruit. Sweet with medium tang, rich tomato, texture is just a touch mealy.

German Pink - Planted late so hard to determine yield--seemed moderate. Susceptible to SLS. Tasty pink-- intense sweet and tangy. Late planting makes it tough to give it full year review.

Malachite Box - Tasty GWR. Good texture. Plant suffered from SLS. Production medium-low; but in a poor location. In fact, I'm not growing tomatoes in one corner of the garden from this point forward, morning shade cast by a neighbor's tree clearly impacts tomatoes in that spot every year.

Noire de Crimmee - Productive, medium-high vigor. Balanced tomato, sweet and earthy with some tangyness. I liked it but didn't love it. Black Krim tasted better.

Jaune Flammee, Sungold were as good as ever. I have a separate thread on it, but loved my F1 cross of Crnkovic Yugoslavian and Jaune Flammee. Black Krim always does well in my garden, but this year it struggled to produce a lot and struggled with foliage issues.
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